About us and our network

We believe that service providers with a fixed number of employees are a thing of the past. The future belongs to flexible networks of experts with interfaces to production firms around the globe.

We are constantly extending our network of experts, which is primarily doing concept work. Our production partners around the world are responsible to implement these concepts. We coordinate and quality control their work before we hand over the product to our customers in perfect quality.

Let us convince you with our engagement, our professionalism and the high quality of our work.

We hand over jobs to our network of experts, we work simply with the best: Journalists, authors, editors, proofreaders, translators, photographers, graphic artists, desk-top-publishing and web publishing agencies.


Christian Burger - CEO
Master of Arts, University of Zurich (Sociology, Economics, Pedagogics)

Communication manager and line manager at a global Swiss bank: Internal and external communication, product marketing and communication, corporate publishing.

Philipp Bachmann – Consultant and Chief Technology Officer

Bachelor of Art Economics, University of Zürich
Philipp Bachmann is Economist, Communication manager and  CMS-expert. He produces concepts and develops complex web-projects based on content management technology.www.philippbachmann.ch


Désirée Kieffer Burger
Master of Arts, University of Zurich (Journalism, English Literature, Linguistic)


Caspar Heer, PhD
Academic Studies in Zurich and Vienna, PhD in eastern European history, Academic Studies in the USA (Stratton Fellow). Journalist, communication and media expert. CEO of www.heerconsulting.ch.


Marc Straumann
Self-employed photographer since 1993 in Zurich with focus on portrait, documentation and architecture.


Roy Greenspan
Roy is a highly skilled English writer and editor. He has deep experience in finance, engineering and the arts --- helping companies, institutions and individuals get their ideas across to readers. He assures that your key value-adding messages are clearly stated and your texts are convincing and reader-friendly.



Our Lagotto “Noce” is responsible for our good mood,  makes us always have enough fresh air and supplies us with fresh truffles.