Our Services

Editing, web and desktop publishing

With our focus on cost-efficiency, we can produce all your printed and online content:
  • Books, newsletters, brochures, reports, posters, flyers and advertising supplements.
  • Logos, business cards and letterhead
  • Web sites, eBooks and presentations.

Our network of specialists and our worldwide production facilities will deliver the quality you require at surprisingly low prices.


B2B Production-Center

We coordinate and produce web and desktop publishing jobs for communication agencies.
Your benefits:
  • You only bear production resources when you need them
  • We smooth your order peaks
  • You can focus on your core duties (client communication, sales, creativity, …)
  • With us you produce at a more favorable rate then with your own internal resources

We coordinate, quality control and guarantee the quality agreed on. We can produce on short notice and within short time.


Burger Publishing work with 

  • Photoshop®
    (picture editing),
  • Adobe InDesign®
  • Adobe Illustrator®
    (vector grafics)
  • Adobe Dreamweaver®
  • Joomla and Wordpress